Save the date - 2019 Competition will be on Monday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 24th!

2018 BSU Regional Sales Competition
September 20-21, 2018

2018 Participating Universities

Thank you to the universities, past and present, for registering for the BSU Regional Sales Competition. Registration for 2019 will open next year. Click the link below to confirm your registration. 2015

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2018 Sales Competition

The BSU Regional Sales Competition was held Thursday and Friday, September 20-21, 2018. On Thursday, September 20, Companies had the opportunity to meet all the student competitors and their coach(es) at our Bowling and Billiards Welcome Dinner.


On Friday, September 21, 2018, sixteen universities brought their top sales talent to compete in the BSU Regional Sales Competition. This one-day, fast-paced mock sales role play competition offers student competitors a platform to display their talents and skills to local and national industry leaders.  This unique, fast-paced sales competition takes place all in one day, all in one location.     


Comments from our Competitors

"Having the opportunity to compete in this year’s Ball State Regional Sales Competition was a huge blessing on a number of levels.  The people in attendance, both from schools and companies, were extraordinary, and having the opportunity to network with them was one of the best parts of the event.  The competition itself was a phenomenal learning experience filled with great role plays and even better feedback, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the competition this year!"


                                                                                                                                      Josh Rocconi, Baylor Professional Selling Junior

"Participating in the BSU Sales Competition was an extremely valuable experience for me. I was able to showcase my selling skills and gain feedback for improvement. Being able to network with other sales professionals/students was also a great value add to my participation in the competition." 


                                                                                                                              Kylie Morgan, Baylor Professional Selling Senior

"The Ball State sales competition was great and run phenomenally. I really appreciated how on top of scheduling they were and how friendly all the volunteers were!  "


                                                                                                                              John Davis, Baylor Professional Selling Junior

"I am grateful that I was able experience the Ball State University Sales Competition. I was able to meet professionally driven individuals from universities in Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, and more. It is evident that Ball State has a passion for furthering students’ experiences in the sales field."

                                                                                                                         Kaitlyn Ragsdale, Baylor Professional Selling Junior